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Rennsport Werkstatt, Ltd. (a.k.a., Rennsport) has a history of and is committed to providing the highest quality care and maintenance for your Porsche, BMW & Audi brands.

Although we specialize in care and maintenance of Porsche, BMW & Audi cars, our expertise and experience covers many other foreign and exotic vehicles. Give us a call to see if we can help with the proper and expert maintenance of your vehicle.

Automotive service is our business. But we also offer other services as well. Like the "For Sale" section. Rennsport buys and sells vehicles of all types. We also take vehicles on consignment. For details, please call.  Click here to see the latest offerings.

We also have a Tubes & Hoses workstation, capable of custom manufacturing of hoses and fittings of a wide asssortment and a variety of applications. Click here to find out more.


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Give us a call at 918-663-2906 to schedule your service. We'll get your vehicle in the shop as soon as we can. Or if you just have a question, shoot us an email. We'll see if we can help.