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Cobra Roadster SS

    • The new Cobra Roadster SS. Borne out of a 3-generation family heritage in England, closely allied to the history of the original AC Cobra built at the London factory. The Roadster SS typifies everything Cobra knows about making seats and everything the family knows about the car. The Roadster SS is constructed in a traditional style but utilizes advanced materials and up to date manufacturing techniques to achieve a seat design that addresses all of the compromises made by previous 'bespoke' models. Designed to fit the user with maximum support, space and comfort and engineered to fit the car whilst maximizing available space. Specific features include: Lightweight, high strength tubular steel frame and chassis, high density polyurethane molded base cushion, deep contoured bucket design for maximum support and location, high tensile Pirelli (R) suspension system in base, engineered chassis to mount directly to floor or adjustable slides, compounded shape backrest to maximize rear bulkhead space and legroom, low profile shaped base cushion for maximum support, comfort and optimum ride height. Traditional panel trim design with piping and precise vertical flutes for authentic presentation, designed by the Son of AC's Original Master Trimmer.

    • Options: none

    • Colors: Available only in black vinyl with black piping.

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