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Corbeau GTS II

    • The GTS II was ergonomically designed to provide aggressive support in the torso and legs but without completely restricting mobility. The GTS II was a first of its kind seat that allows you to integrate seamlessly from aggressive driving to casual cruising. It has a stock look with a sport edge. One of our favorite seats is the GTS II leather/suede combo seat with white accent stitching. Check it out below, it looks even better in person. This seat is truly a jack-of-all-trades, whether on the street, the track, or off road, the GTS II will enhance your driving experience. As a rule of thumb, the GTS II will fit up to a 36-38 inch waist.

    • Options: Custom color available.

    • Colors: Available in cloth, microsuede, leather/suede combo, and 100% black leather. Grey cloth, black cloth, black leather, black suede, black leather/grey suede, black leather/black suede.

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    • GTS II image
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