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Corbeau TRS

    • Inspired by the idea to design a seat that performed well in extreme driving conditions, looked great, and exemplified the fundamentals of a Corbeau Seat. The TRS was the end result of this idea. Most significant is the detail involved in the design of the shoulder bolsters. When two hands are on the steering wheel, your shoulders are naturally pulled forward. The TRS shoulder bolsters were designed to still provide maximum support while in this position. The TRS will allow you to perform at your peak while not jeopardizing comfort. As a rule of thumb, the TRS will fit up to a 38-inch waist, while the TRS Wide will fit up to a 42-inch waist.

    • Options: Custom color available. Available in wide format.

    • Colors: The TRS racing seat is available in cloth, microsuede, and 100% black leather. Black/grey suede, black cloth, grey cloth, black leather, black suede.

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