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Corbeau VX2000

    • The VX2000 Seat contains design details that reflect our passion for excellence. Every last detail of the VX2000 was designed to provide a unique seat that will work well for drivers of all shapes and sizes. The VX2000 features a composite shell back, a look rarely seen on a reclining seat. The back of the seat is wide enough to fit larger drivers but aggressive enough to hold smaller drivers in place. The precise thigh bolsters were designed to hold your lower torso and legs in place while driving while at the same time making it easy to get in and out of your seat. As a rule of thumb, the VX2000 will fit up to a 42-44 inch waist while again, still comfortably fitting smaller drivers.

    • Options: Custom color available.

    • Colors: Available in vinyl with cloth inserts and 100% black leather. Black vinyl/grey cloth, black leather, black vinyl/red cloth, black vinyl/yellow cloth, black vinyl/blue cloth, black vinyl/black cloth.

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